Engelse geboortegedichtjes

In deze rubriek vind je Engelse geboortegedichtjes voor in je geboortekaart. Een ruime keuze aan correct geschreven Engelse geboortegedichtjes om de geboorte van jullie zoon of dochter aan te kondigen. Heb je een leuk Engels geboortegedichtje gevonden, dan kun je deze met kopiëren en plakken zo in je ontwerp plaatsen!

Ten little fingers, ten little toes.
With love and grace, our family grows.
This precious soul, so sweet and new.
This little life, a dream come true.
Two more little hands
Two more little feet
Now our family is complete!
With patience and love, we waited for our baby girl.
With excitement and joy, we announce her to the world.
She's all girl, tiny and sweet,
(Name big brother / Sister) has a new sister we'd like you to meet!
We have waited 9 months to expand our space,
She/he is finally here with a smile on her/his face!
Our little bundle of joy
has arrived!
To live
To learn
To love
We welcome to the world
our greatest joy!

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Tiny hands, Tiny feet...
There is someone new
for you to meet!
Two little hands,
Two little Feet
Now our family is delightfully complete
We welcome with love, our little Angel
(Big sister's name) just got a promotion...
to Big Sister!
Someone special, someone dear
Someone new to love is here!
She's finally here,
she finally came
it took us forever,
to think of a name
Someone so tiny, someone so sweet
we would love for you to meet!
We are so happy to announce the newest branch on our family tree!
A sweet little girl as lovely as can be!
She's a precious little angel sent from above
wrapped in pink and surrounded by love
From the top of her head
to the toes on her feet,
she is perfect and oh so sweet.
Sweet as candy
precious as gold,
our perfect baby girl,
a miracle to hold.
From Heaven above,
God sent us an angel to love.
From God's loving arms to ours...
It is with much joy and pride that we introduce to you:
Twinkle twinkle, little star,
now we all know who you are!
Believe in dreams, they do come true.
Ours came dressed in blue!
Our first child was so much fun,
God couldn't wait to bless us with another one!
Our first child was so much fun,
We thought we'd have another one!
So sweet and neat and such tiny little feet,
our precious little girl makes our lives complete!
Tiny hands and adorable feet
our darling daughter is so sweet
Pretty in pink, and oh so sweet
from her soft little curls, to her precious little feet
A new baby sister, as cute as can be.
I'll be the best big brother/sister, just wait and see.
From the top of her head to the toes on her feet,
our new little girl has made our lives complete!
After nine months, were happy to say
That its a Boy and hes ready to play
Sometimes the littlest things
take up the biggest space in your heart...
The best news to ever come our way,
The adoption agency called to say
Our baby boy is on the way
We are pleased to announce this news today

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